40+ and Fabulous Presents Our 3rd Annual
 FabU Academy Lifestyle Empowerment Conference

A Day of Education, Relaxation and Celebration for Women Over 40
Myra Gaddy
Victim Advocate for the Randolph County Sheriff's Office, exercise instructor, pet sitter and CEO of J.O.Y., this spunky multi-tasker  turns negatives into positives and helps others do the same. 
Phyllis Parker-Phillips
Lori Hobson, PhD
Meet Our 2014 FabU Professors:
We are excited to bring you an impressive lineup of FabU Professors who will leave you with inspiring perspectives that will enhance your life in a major way!
aka the BossLady. this speaker, author and coach specializes in career development and emotional wellness for women. Hear her spin on the advantages of being a boomer woman in todays job market
From laughter to tears and then back again this counselor, life coach and trainer combines storytelling and everyday "witticisms," to help people transition from where they are, to where they wannt to be. 
Lee Thomas
A financial services representative with a real passion for helping individuals and families build their financial freedom, and helping   women plan, prepare and take charge of their financial futures.
Wende Sanders, MS
Tina Ketchie Stearns
Known as The Phenomenal Lifestyle Coach, this award winning Certified Life & Relationship Coach has a special gift for helping women create the transformations that attract deeper love, and richer personal and professional relationships  
Director of Community Outreach for Hospice and Palliative Care and a passionate educator on matters relating to the future of aging in the US, empowers others to have scary, end of life conversations in a fun, productive way. 
Marilyn Watts, MD
Retired Board Certified Pediatrician concerned about the over utilization of OTC and prescription drugs and decided to make a difference. This passionate physician set course on a mission to write fewer prescriptions ​for her patients and offer a more integrative form of care.
Capt. Cynthia Kornegay
Durham County Sheriff's Dept., Captain Cynthia Kornegay is a woman committed to inspiring and shaping our youth. She encourages us all to get involved with shaping our future leaders of tomorrow, and brings wisdom on how we can support and serve girls and young women.  
Jean Workman
Affectionately known as "The Sex Lady,"she is really a Family Life and Sexuality Content Specialist,​ with  a burning desire to help you keep your FIRE. Ladies, get ready to own your sexy, feel more confident in your body and more connected to your sensuality. 
Sondra Wright
Hi there! It's me! Your FabU Academy President and proud leader of this year's esteemed group of FabU Professors. Everyone here is excited and looking forward to spending a rewarding, fun and fabulous day with you, on March 8th. So take good  care and we'll see you soon!