40+ and Fabulous Presents Our 3rd Annual
 FabU Academy Lifestyle Empowerment Conference

A Day of Education, Relaxation and Celebration for Women Over 40
2014 Vendor Information and Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor for the 3rd Annual 40+ and Fabulous FabU Academy. We look forward to receiving your application. Please read the following for important information regarding the participation process for FabU. If you have any questions, please call Sondra at (336) 669-2702 or email us with your specific inquiry.

There is an opportunity for a limited number of exhibitor tables. Partnering sponsors of the FabU Academy will receive priority acceptance of the vendor booths. All vendor applications will be reviewed based on the unique and relevant value provided to attendees.

The vendor fee for the all day event is $75.00 and includes admission and lunch for one (1) company representative. You may register a second representative at an additional cost of $25.00.

Submit your application today. This is event provides a unique opportunity to put your product/service in front of a target audience of women you will not want to miss!

Phone: 336-669-2702
Fax: 336-379-0569
E-Mail: questions


There is no deadline to apply, however, space is strictly limited and will sell out quickly. To increase your chance for consideration, please submit your fully completed application as soon as possible. Upon acceptance by the 40+ and Fabulous FabU committee (FPF), the following rules shall become binding and a part of the contract between you the exhibitor, your employees/contacts and FPF.

Vendor space is provided during the all day Saturday event. Space is limited to a one (1) table and one (1) chair for one (1) registered company representative, or one (1) table and two (2) chairs for two (2) registered company representatives.  Vendor space is never guaranteed until payment is received. Payment must be submitted with application but will not be processed until application is approved. All booth sales are final. There are no refunds. Transfers are subject to the approval of FPF and must be discussed at least one week in advance of the event. In the event of cancellation of the conference, FPF shall be liable only for refund of vendor fees.

You must provide a one-sentence description of your product or service, which is used to help us determine acceptance and space assignment. We also use that information in the materials that we will distribute to all attendees.

All materials must be displayed on your table. Floor and wall space is not provided for displays or banners. All contents must be in good character; nothing offensive or questionable is permitted. No candles or hazardous materials. No confetti or messy equipment or materials. No beverages or food may be served or distributed without prior approval from FPF. In respect and fairness to all vendors, each vendor may display goods and services only within the category submitted and approved on their application. Vendors must remain within their own table space while distributing samples, materials, coupons and literature.

The Application for Vendor Space must be accompanied by the required payment. Applications received without  payment will not be processed, nor shall space be assigned.

Set-up details will be provided two weeks prior to the event, including set-up times and specifications. You should assume you will have about one hour to complete your set-up, which is realistic given the limited space. Break-down/pack-out must be completed in a 30-minute window at the end of the event. Nothing shall be posted on, tacked, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to the columns, walls, floors, furniture or other parts of the conference facility. Damage resulting from such action shall be repaired at the expense of the vendor.

FPF reserves the right to make reasonable changes in these rules, exhibit hours and set-up/break-down arrangements. You agree to indemnify and hold FPF, its employees, officers and agents harmless by reason of any claim or liabilities imposed by law on account of property damage or bodily injuries, including death resulting there from, sustained or alleged to be sustained by any person or persons, whether they be members of the public visiting the seminar, employees of FPF or other exhibitor; occurring at or connected with the preparation or presentation of the show, resulting from the sole or contributory negligence of the vendor, his agents, employees or persons performing service for it, or resulting from any vendor, machinery or items displayed by exhibitor. FPF will not be responsible for any injury that may arise to you/vendors, their employees or the general public or for loss or damage to exhibits or vendors property by reason of fire, accident, theft or any other cause. If insurance is desired it must be obtained by the individual vendor. Vendor agrees to maintain such insurance necessary to fully protect FPF from any and all claims of any nature whatsoever, including claims under the Worker's Compensation Act, and for personal injury, including death, which may arise in connection with the installation, operation or dismantling of the vendor's display.